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Customer Success: AMPAC

American Medical Association Political Action Committee

AMPAC is a bipartisan political action committee for the American Medical Association. As the single voice for physicians on the national political scene, AMPAC has been a leading the way since 1961. With the help of over 50,000 members - and the active involvement of physicians and state medical society PACs across the country, AMPAC was ranked as the 4th most effective PAC by National Journal magazine in 2004. Its goal is to support and elect pro-medicine candidates on the federal level. Members of the AMA, AMA Alliance, their families and medical society staffs can all support AMPAC. State and county medical society members and their families can also join AMPAC.

To conduct its work seamlessly, AMPAC heavily uses its website. AMPAC members would like to see additional services on the AMPAC site. AMPAC approached BND Software, which in conjunction with InfoMile has developed a world-class website for AMPAC in a very short span of time. The enhanced website featured many functionalities such as:

  • Members are permitted to add / edit their contact information: Name, Title, Business and Home Address, Telephone, Email address, and FAX number. Other non-editable information would also be displayed, such as Length of Membership, Type of Membership, and other membership information.
  • Members are permitted to create and edit their User ID and Passwords. Earlier, the system required ONLY an ME number to login. The drawback of using the ME number for login purposes is that it is a long, non-intuitive, assigned number. Few people know this number. Unless it is contained in the communication received by the member, they do not remember it. AMPAC wanted to expand this capability, permitting a member to use either their ME number, or a User ID and Password of their choosing.
  • " Medical News Today: With links to specific stories of interest to AMPAC members.
  • Enhanced look and feel
  • User-friendly navigation

BND and InfoMile working together used technologies such as PHP and MS SQL to develop the new website for AMPAC. This site was later converted to an site.