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Customer Success: BND

X10d - Content Management Solutions for the real world

Content-Management has been an exceedingly important issue for companies and organization today. The growth of the Internet and the increased volume of Web pages are entering an age called "The Content Explosion." With the increased sophistication of Web-based tools, the purpose and production of Web sites has changed over the past few years. In the beginning most organizations' Web sites were no more than an online brochure but over time they have realized that keeping fresh and accurate information on their web site is a critical and vital process in today's business. Achieving this however has always been a challenge. Only a small handful of staff acquainted with HTML and FTP could edit their pages on the Web site. Otherwise all content updating requests had come through the Webmaster’s office, which always often created a bottleneck.

Today there are a number of Content-Management products in the market that try to ease the above difficulties. However, these products are usually either too expensive or not user friendly or conducive to evolve with the organization's changing needs. They usually do not work with content at a "single source" or reusable level and make maintaining a Web site a tedious and messy affair. Also, these products often ignore to provide interactivity to the users. The result was the organizations were often forced to integrate a variety of other third-party-components/products along with their Content Management System, thus incurring huge costs and spending a lot of time in learning curves and development.

BND Group Inc., a company based in Virginia, USA, realized the need for a comprehensive Content-Management product that not only addressed all of the problems described above but also a product that is highly scalable and flexible. BND Group Inc. wanted to develop a Web-based framework that enables an entire organization —both technical and non-technical individuals—to contribute their expertise and information to their Web site. They decided to invest on building a product that was completely user-friendly to even employees without any basic knowledge of HTML or any other Web programming languages. However, to cater to the small and mid-sized organizations, BND Group realized that it was absolutely vital to keep the development and maintenance costs down, to market the product at an affordable price.

InfoMile worked with BND Group to conceive, design and develop X10d, a Content-Management Solution product that not only helps in managing content in the most efficient way but also is completely browser-based, thus making content management completely portable. X10d also offers a variety of built in applications such as ballots, polls, shopping carts, discussion boards, surveys, list serves, and job classifieds.

X10d now helps not only in publishing content on the fly, reviewing content before it is published, changing information on the site quickly and easily but also in helping staff to expand and contract the site at every level. It is designed to change, resort and reorder navigational items and menus in real time. Access to content is provided to the editors through easy to use WYSIWIG editors, thus eliminating the need for any staff training. The product is completely dynamic and content is treated as 'single-source' at a central database repository which makes the content reusable. It further offers features like template driven control, version control, seperation of content and presentation, tiered roles and permission, staging and workflow etc.

"Deciding to go with InfoMile was simply the best decision we took at BND Group," says Sean Kennedy, President and CEO of BND Group Inc. "We wanted a partner who was not only technically competent and timely in delivery but also someone who could understand our market, vision and needs. Moreover the money we saved in outsourcing has helped us in going a long way towards marketing our product to the right people."

X10d has been built in ASP.NET using VB.NET, C# on a SQL Server database. InfoMile delivered the product in 6 months and continues to service the company with enhancements and modifications.