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Customer Success: RILA

The Retail Industry Leaders Association

The Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) is the home of the world's most innovative and successful retail and consumer products companies. The executives of these companies participate in RILA for its unique educational forums, its effective public policy advocacy, and its advancement of the retail industry. RILA has many member companies such as Walmart, Home Depot, Target, Best Buy, Gillette, PETCO, Lowe's, Proctor & Gamble, and Unilever. RILA has access to leaders who make things happen in retail today. As some of the most profitable retailers, its member companies share their critical success factors and, perhaps more importantly, their learnings.

Because RILA's members are both retailers and suppliers, it has a unique forum for its members to establish relationships, solve industry problems, and work together for the benefit of the consumer and the retail industry. The website was the single-point interaction RILA had with its high-profile members. Hence, it was important for RILA to present itself in an informative and concise way online. RILA also had to update information on a dynamic basis so that there is no lag-time in sharing its information with its member bodies.

As a result, RILA was interested in a redesign of its site. The old site had few color schemas, the design was not in keeping with what they see as their corporate “look” and “feel”, and uniformity of font styles was not maintained. RILA approached BND Software, which in conjunction with InfoMile redesigned and revamped its website. A more professional and user-friendly website was created.

Working with BND, InfoMile developed a world-class website for RILA in a very short span of time. The website was developed on ASP.NET platform with SQL database at the backend. InfoMile added many features while revamping the old RILA site such as the ability to add news, conferences, and events etc on a real-time basis. InfoMile also added search functionality on the home page along with a password protected login capability. Ultimately, InfoMile together with BND developed a corporate website that was easy to navigate and use.