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Customer Success: Yield Education

Yield Education

Watching a new corporate scandal break every week, and sometimes every couple of days on TV, one cannot help but wonder whether big business has suddenly become corrupt all over America. Enron, Tyco, Global Crossing, Wordcom, Adelphia, ImClone, Xerox, Arthur Andersen, Merrill Lynch- the list keeps growing.

"At the root of all our current business scandals are simply classic human scandals of greed, overweening ambition, pride, and massive self-deception," feel the people at Yield Education, a newly formed company in USA "People have been vulnerable to these things since there was human life on earth. It's not that people have suddenly become worse in American business, but that conditions have become ripe for the worst to come out and have major repercussions," they further explain.

Yield Education, wanted to get this message across all the corporates in America, and simulate conversation, learning and networking between experts in a spectrum of fields and a diverse group of interested individuals. Recognizing a void in objective e-learning strategy, Yield Education wanted to use e-learning and other Internet technologies in conjunction to create an entirely new medium for learning that places a high value on input from participants before, during and after an e-learning event.

InfoMile worked closely with Yield Education to develop an innovative new way to network with and learn from nationally know experts, authors, politicians and personalities at a user's own pace, and terms. Using a blended approach of live (synchronous) and "at your own pace" (asynchronous) Web presentations and content, an entirely new medium for learning was developed. State-of-the-art, Web-based technologies are used to deliver highly interactive and engaging seminars from the best and brightest personalities in America.

Participants are given convenient access to Yield Education events from any internet-connected computer, using a standard browser and without requiring any technology plug-ins. Different technologies like Flash, DHTML, Streaming, Multi-Media, SSL were integrated very closely to give a seamless experience to the users. E-Commerce was built into the system to allow registrations, authorization and billing, all in real time.

We're thrilled to offer access to the leading authorities of today in a uniquely engaging education format, using the latest interactive and proven technology" says Ken McInerney, co-founder and chief executive officer of Yield Education. "This will enable thousands to have direct and intimate access to one speaker, versus the standard sit-and-listen program. It also provides a more flexible time commitment, reducing lost productivity and eliminating travel costs." he adds.

The application has been built in ASP.NET using VB.NET, C# on a SQL Server database. InfoMile delivered the product in 3 months and continues to serve the company with enhancements and modifications.