About Us

InfoMile's cost-effective software solutions are based on cutting-edge technological platforms.

InfoMile Technologies is a software services company providing world-class information technology solutions and services since 1999. InfoMile's technical solutions and services include custom software development, dedicated resource deployment and providing scalable software services. InfoMile operates a software center in Hyderabad, India with state-of-the-art infrastructure and a world-class team.

InfoMile's cost-effective software solutions are based on cutting-edge technological platforms. We adhere to strict delivery schedules and put paramount importance on our customers. Our well-established offshore development model helps us in offering extremely competitive rates that result in significant cost-savings for IT initiatives of our offshore clients.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide scalable solutions that are cost-effective on a consistent basis. We establish a long-term relationship with clients and provide quality solutions while adhering to strict delivery schedules. To achieve the above objective, InfoMile is committed to:

Business Philosophy

To conduct business with honesty, integrity and a strong commitment to the highest standards of ethics.
To develop a people sensitive organization, whereby every individual is empowered to identify areas of core competence and contribute to the growth of the organization.
To develop a working environment conducive to creating high performance teams.

Business Model

We follow a well-developed methodology that helps us to achieve our mission of providing quality solutions while adhering to strict delivery schedules. The following are the general stages a client undergoes from the initiation of a new project:

Preliminary Analysis of Requirements

This is done once we receive an RFP (Request for Proposal) from the client. The RFP can be a formal multi page document or a simple email with explanation of basic requirements. Or it can also be the telephone or internet chat communication with the client. Once, we have the basic information, we perform a preliminary analysis of the requirements and try to understand what the client needs and what their business goals are.

Generation of Estimated Cost

We do an internal break-down of the project and try to assess the level of effort. We break-down the project to different sections and come up with an estimated number of hours for the whole project. Depending on the size of the project and the required technologies to implement we quote a rate per man-hour for the project. This rate multiplied by the estimated number of hours is the estimated cost of the project for the client. If the requirements that we have are not detailed enough, we try to come up with a range for the estimated cost, so that the client will know the ball park estimate for the project.

The above 2 steps are performed by InfoMile free of cost and on a no-obligation basis.

Detailed Analysis and Setting of Requirements

This phase is entered into once the client approves our initial estimate. We get into the detailed analysis of the requirements and make sure that all uncertain elements are flushed out. In most cases, we develop a prototype of the program to make sure that the client and we are in complete agreement with the requirements. This prototype works as the basis for later interactions with the client over the requirements.

Designing of Database and Code Architecture

InfoMile recognizes that developing a proper project structure and program development concept is a critical factor for the success of the project. Based on the detailed analysis of the requirements and the prototype, we get into designing the project. This involves the database design and the design of the code architecture. We define the components to be included in the program, the development environment to be used; a detailed list of technical specifications is prepared. At this stage the speed and quality of the future work can be maximized with rigorous planning.


We commence with the project development, keeping in mind the desired flexibility and productivity. Our developers possess extensive first-hand experience using a broad spectrum of information technologies, software platforms and development environments. Depending on the size of the project and the deadline, we assign the appropriate number of developers required for the job. A Project manager monitors the overall development and makes sure that all developers follow the same consistency and adhere to the design.

Testing and De-bugging

The main criteria for the project are stability, productivity, flexibility and power. So testing and debugging are indispensable, integral parts of the development process. Before the ready software is delivered to the customer, it passes through several stages of testing which is done by specialized testers who use various kinds of testing methodologies depending on the project. We also involve the client in the later stages to get the user-testing done.

Delivery and Deployment

After testing the developed program to the client's satisfaction, we set it up in the customer's work environment and if required integrate it with existing business applications. We perform further testing along with the client and make sure that all the necessary configurations have been performed.


InfoMile recognizes that the key to a long-term association with a client is the quality of the support after delivering the application. We pride ourselves on our high levels of responsiveness to all customer support requests. We make sure that all support requests are responded to as soon as possible. We are also ready to attend on critical support requests 24 x 7 365 days of the week.